Sustainability is the most relevant and interesting conversation in any industry today

We are living in a game-changing moment, and these decisions are happening on our watches

About me 

Hello, I’m Tanja, and it’s good to have you here!

I write, talk, wear, and think sustainability. I believe it’s the most important and interesting topic today, and one that will inform all our tomorrows.

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An encounter with an over packaged coconut in 2017 led to Tanja’s experience of eco-anxiety, a fear of environmental damage or ecological disaster. She has since become a devotee of the topic, giving public talks on mental health and the environment.

Before sustainability took over, Tanja studied filmmaking and art in Lisbon and London and moved to Asia in 2006.

Today she creates content for a number of publications on sustainability, art, and lifestyle, also collaborating on environmental art activism projects.

A founding member of Circular Community Hong Kong, a platform for businesses and individuals on the value of circular thinking, the community also expanded to Singapore in 2020.

In 2021 she is celebrating four years of not buying new clothing, something that started as a one year personal challenge, but has since opened up a wealth of unexpected opportunities.

In 2021 Tanja is partnering with fashion professor Cristina Kountiou to launch Revive Consulting, curating sustainable solutions for businesses and individuals.